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Visited Japan in December 2009

We welcome contribution to this website. Photos that you have taken with your friends at the forum or in your country! Tell us something about yourself and your country.

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Dear friends,
This is Arhlim your new friend from Singapore!  Nice meeting you all at  ShorexSingapore!
I understand that your stay in Singapore is very short otherwise I would like to organise a party and arrange for all of you to meet together again for leisure and for the purpose of building a better and more meaningful friendship. Friendship is hard to come by and it should not end just as the seminar closes.
For those who share this same sentiment and who wish to cherish this international friendship at ground level, please forward me a copy of your beautiful  or handsome photo. I am creating this website specially for this Shorex09 friendship so that we can continue to keep in touch to develop our friendship and help each other in developing new businesses.
Please help to inform the rest if they are not aware of our networking so that they are not left out. We want to know all of  them!
Hope this will be a simple platform to introduce ourselves and to stay in touch!  Come and lead us and share with us your expertise.
Meanwhile, attached is a leaflet about my free property workshop. Hope some of you can benefit from it. We are looking for foreign developers, lawyers, Real Estate partners and friends like you who can help us to tie-up with someone to develop new businesses.
Let me know how we can work together to keep this friendship and expend our network.
Best regards,


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